KLEIN offers affordable coworking with an international, welcoming and inclusive community of (to-be) freelancers and remote workers.

By saying; welcoming and inclusive, the owner, Peter Reckers, means that it doesn’t matter who you are; come as you are and feel welcome. We have eyes and ears for each other, share real talk, listen and are concerned with finding ways to come together.

By putting effort in personal attention, community lunches and weekly community talks we empower people and bring them together. Yet, attending activities isn’t mandatory and we make sure members feel free to use the space the way they see fit.

To keep KLEIN affordable, owner Peter Reckers tries to find smart ways to enquire space, interior items, in addition, providing only in basic necessities and using his automation experience to save time so he can run the business by himself, even when obtained his goal; serving 40 members within 5 years.

By promoting and supporting community effort, members can enjoy extra benefits. That is how for example we have a printer offered by one of our members. Or, how special events happen in the building. What is included in the service is space, a key, desk, chair, wifi, coffee and tea.

KLEIN is looking for an additional space. The current one is temporary due to developments in the neighbourhood and the community needs to grow to 40 members, unmaintainable in the current space. That’s why we need 300m2 and more control over the building. The owner prepares to give the additional place a facelift, put extra effort in making it nice and clean for the members.

Looking for someone to secure, maintain and find good use for vacant property? Or, want to help KLEIN realize it’s goals? Contact us.

Daily community lunch at 13:00

Feel free to join our community lunch at 13:00 during the week. Most days KLEIN provides basic ingredients you can use for €2 a day.

As a member, feel free to bring your own ingredients and make use of our kitchen where we have an oven, stove, pots, pans and other tools.

Weekly hangout on thursday after 17:00
Also, join our weekly hangout where we chill, listen to music and have real talk about ideas and what’s on our mind when afterwards we can play some table tennis and other games.


Fall 2018 Initiator Peter Reckers decided to make it his life’s work to build an accessible coworking with welcoming and inclusive community inspired by places throughout europe he enjoyed for 7 years as a freelancer. This is where he found a sense of belonging, aim, meaning, purpose and passion.

His plan is to dedicate his life to offer others the same opportunity aiming to serve 40 members within 5 years being well on his way with 15 members after 1,5 year.

Peter’s story

My name is Peter Reckers, initiator of Klein Rotterdam and the words ‘because I said so’ or ‘because that’s the way it is’ didn’t cut it for me in school which forced me to dropout at an early age without any direction following my father’s footsteps into depression.

For about 10 miserable years I worked as a carpenter’s assistant, dishwasher, packer, service engineer, support engineer, IT administrator, project manager and ended as IT manager until I had a burnout, got hospitalized during a seizure when doctors discovered a heart disease, and after a failed attempt to fix it, surgeons had to implement a pacemaker. This was around the time my father died of cancer after a difficult life dealing with his depression.

Sounds cliche, I know, but I came to realize that life is too short to work without purpose, meaning or passion to merely escape from the fear of poverty, living in so called comfort, suppressing what it means to be human.

I started my journey as a freelancer and experimented with different forms of providing personal services, taking care of my income as an IT consultant, support engineer and web designer. Yet what inspired me most was being part of, and initiating platforms and communities throughout europe.

After 7 years of freelancing I had yet another crisis, a broken heart and the boredom I experienced designing websites and taking on IT projects. It felt like my work didn’t matter. I called my little brother saying I had enough and I didn’t see a way out. He reminded me I always had big dreams and it seemed like I forgot my passion for bringing people together.

I realized I had been trying to start many concepts, initiatives, communities, platforms, never having all the right ingredients, every time giving up when it got difficult, losing confidence, getting scared, backing down. Yet this time I learned the power of reading books, listening to podcasts, got sober, started to listen to people and someone special gave me the opportunity to find my way at Wijkcoöperatie Rotterdam Noord. I have Jan Lemmers to thank for giving me the opportunity to unfuck myself and make a difference. Believe me, I was a challenge. Yet, now I’m a blessing (wink wink).

There’s a lot of people to thank. But in some way I believe we are doing this together and it benefits all. KLEIN is where people find their way. It’s where people come together. Discover patience and love for one another.